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High Mileage Marauders Info

High Mileage Marauders Motorcycle Club
Membership Information

High Mileage Marauders M.C. Membership

The High Mileage Marauders Motorcycle Club welcomes your interest in joining us as a member of our organization. The purpose of our organization is to promote friendship, and comraderie. We strive to enhance the lives of our members and to contribute and reflect positively on our communities.

Being a member of the High Mileage Marauders M.C. provides a means for our members to participate with others that share like-minded interests which include charity, community service, and motorcycling activities.

We're simply..."High Mileage Marauders" Rovers in the quest of Riding.

Here is a brief summary of the benefits and requirements for membership in our organization.

Membership Categories
There are two membership categories: full membership and charter membership.

1) Full membership: members must be active motorcyclists (must have a motorcycle).
2) Charter membership: includes anyone living outside of the state in which the High Mileage Marauders chapter exists.

Benefits of membership

  • Be a part of a growing organization.
  • To give back to our communities by being a positive role model.
  • Opportunity to travel nation-wide and meet new people.

    Cost of membership

  • Annual Dues - $100 ($25 every quarter)
  • There are some other one time fees associated with new membership.

    If interested, contact a member.